A statement to aspiring consultants


It’s been a challenging time, since news of COVID-19 began changing people’s lives and the world over. We appreciate that school, university and job hunting can be challenging and stressful even at the best of times. We also understand you may be concerned about how this virus will affect your future career opportunities. For some of you the impact may feel minimal or you might have changed your approach to job applications, for others this may not feel like the right time to be making career decisions. No matter what position you are in, we want to help ensure that when the time comes you feel informed and prepared to make the right decisions for you.

Firstly though, we wanted to assure you that when you apply to Newton academic performance is just one of many things we look for. We are seeking curious minds, with a desire to solve problems, and a passion for doing the right thing. Additionally, to be successful at Newton there needs to be a love of building rapport and working with people no matter their role or background. Often consulting roles can land you in new, challenging environments where drive, resilience and people skills become your key attributes. We will continue to seek candidates who show their ability and potential in a variety of these areas.

Over the coming months we will be sharing content including podcasts and real-life stories that will help you decide if a career in consulting is the right choice for you, along with guidance throughout the application process. We’ll help you make career choices that are right for you, whatever the challenges.